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Individuals who are above their 40’s and have no inherited risk for inheritable desease, are recommended to do this general health screening once a year. Those people who have risk for inheritable disfunctions should not wait until their 40’s but start general health assessment from their 30’s. Aging, smoking or having other unhealthy habits, sexual lifestyle, hormonal changes are also factors that indicate a check up to search possible coronary artery disfunctions, diabetes, risks for cancer or other impairments.
It is a general physical examination which gives a general overview of the patient’s health condition and search for possible disorders that have not caused any compaints and did not show any physical signs on the patient so far.
The screening package clarifies family and personal history, identifies medical risk factors, and screening is performed for possible diseases through the assessment of the patient’s general health, investigations, and physical examination.
Diagnosing any kind of disfunctions at an early stage is essential to increase the opportunity for a quicker and more efficient treatment and increasing the life quality and lifetime of the patient.
Basic check up test include laboratory tests (blood test, urinalysis), complete internal medicine examination, serology, radiological examination, evaluation of the results and the arrangement of possible follow up examinations.