Music Tours


Music is a tool to building bridges between nations – that’s why at Visitour Travel Agency, we believe that our trips for music bands and choirs offer not only musical delight but a chance to get to know the Hungarian people and their music life. It is very much worth to visit the country where the music of Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály and Liszt Ferenc echoes through time.

For many band and choir members the highlight of the year is the yearly tour abroad – to participate in shows and choir festivals and social events, to show one’s talent to a new audience. We have the experience, knowledge and capacity to make the trip a successful arrangement.

Half of the fun while travelling together is to discover new and exciting places, which Budapest and Hungary abound in. The trips can include just as many delightful excursions and activities as music events.

We will be responsible for the arrangement of transport, accomodation, food, concerts and activities for your choir or band.  Jointly with you, we will plan the whole trip and prepare a detailed offer which includes all the costs and what they include per person. Our goal is to provide you the offer best suited to your needs and taste – if you are not quite satisfied, we will modify he offer until it is completely to your liking.

Our biggest strength is that we are located in Budapest on a daily basis, we take care of all necessary permits, we provide an English speaking guide/interpreter who can participate in every programme. We not only know th ebest providers personally, we know exactly what Norwegians expect from a perfect trip. 

If you wish to receive an offer, do not hesitate to contact us!