Group travel

Hungary offers travelers a slice of classic, Central European grace and grandeur. With cobbled streets, charming castles, magnificent concert halls and historic churches, Hungary is all class. But what might surprise travelers is that Hungary is also a burgeoning wine-producing region, home to bucolic villages, thermal lakes, steaming hot springs and markets filled with organic produce - what's not to love?
We are offering a tailor made solution for group programs on an affordable price level.
We arrange group programs for

school classes
quires and bands
and a lot of other

but we also have lots of ideas for eg.
bridge clubs who are interested in organizing a tournament, sport clubs who need some training in a different circumstances, cultural associations or a wine club who’s members would like to experience the famous Hungarian wines, but we are sure that there are a lot of other issues that might be of your interest.
From getting the air tickets and arranging the hotel transfer after arrival, or to make a hotel reservation, to arrange dining options, we are ready to offer a wide scale of services.
All our guides are multilingual, special languages are also available.
The hotel and apartments we offer have been all checked by our staff in order to provide the proper reservation that will suit our clients expectations.
We have along experience with group arrangements, and we will surely offer the best program options, excursions, dining or accommodation.