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It makes sense to travel abroad as in industrialized countries prices of dentistry have been greatly rising. People have recently begun to discover that Hungary offers high-tech dentistry that is equivalent or sometimes even better, than comparable services anywhere else in the world. The number of foreign patients who choose Hungary as their dental care destination is growing every year. Patients travelling to Budapest will be treated with cutting-edge technology and the latest medical knowledge. Many people also combine their medical visit with a tourist trip to Hungary as we offer a wide range of additional activities before, between and after the dental visits.
We offer a wide range of dentistry services from general dentistry, root canal through various type of dental surgeries as well as implantology, orthodontics, teeth supplement, teeth whitening and even more. You can rely on these fantastic services, experienced specialists and high quality materials at prices you would not expect.
Our clinics and dental laboratory use mainly the latest technology and materials from Germany (IvoclarVivadent, Hereus-Kuzler), Switzerland (De Trey), and Japan (Noritake, Fuji).
Based on preliminary investigations, you may ask for a tailor-made offer. If you have made prior testing at your home, we can also utilize those results when setting up a treatment plan.
For those customers who order our medical services, we offer a complimentary sightseeing tour in Budapest.

The list of services that our dentists offer is very complete and include the following areas:

 General dentistry (cleanings, dental extractions, fillings, basic dental work)
 Cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, crowns, porcelain veneers)
 Dental implants
 Endodontics (root canal therapy)
 Oral surgery (wisdom teeth surgery, bone grafts, sinus lift)
 Orthodontics (movable and fixed braces)
 Pediatric dentistry
 Prosthodontics
 Periodontics (treatment of periodontal diseases, gum graft, gum surgery, periodontal scaling)