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Tropicarium History

The idea of the Tropicarium is attached to the name of a Hungarian businessman, Károly Farkasdi, who lived in Sweden between 1963 and 1998. He and his family created the first such establishment in Kolmarden in 1990 and then in Budapest in 2000, developing and accomplishing the unique content that the Tropicarium represents. The exhibition offers a combined presentation of the Hungarian fish species, animals living in the tropical rainforest and inhabitants of the deep seas and oceans.

The environment surrounding all these animals completely resembles the original habitats so that both the animals and the visitors who come to marvel at them can have a good time.


The intensive construction work took 8 months, starting from September 1999, so that on 26th May 2000 the largest sea aquarium in Central Europe, the Tropical Oceanarium with an area of almost 3000 m2 could open its gates in the impressive building of the Campona Shopping Centre, on the ‘outskirts' of Budapest. In the meantime several tons of concrete and iron was incorporated in the building, special high-tech filtering and cleaning equipment, as well as computer systems were installed to ensure smooth operation. Most of the internal decoration was prepared by the experts working in the Tropicarium.

Hundreds of animal species and lush vegetation can be seen within the walls of the Tropicarium. Organised in eight rooms, the permanent exhibition presents - among others - exotic birds flying freely, squirrel monkeys jumping on the hanging trails, alligators soaking in the tropical rain, spurred tortoises walking comfortably and thousands of colourful fish swimming in the aquariums, offering a breathtaking view, representing all the seas of the world in front of the Hungarian visitors.

We would like to

offer novelties to our returning visitors, therefore we continuously expand and change the animal stock with one or two new aquariums or terrariums. We permanently work to make the information system easier and easier to survey.

Our main goal is to educate people to love and respect nature, and spend their spare time in a useful way. Our aspiration is to make everybody realise what values there are on the Earth and how important it is not to damage them.

We are extremely proud that we have had nearly 4 million visitors in the Tropicarium in the almost 8 years since we opened and the vast majority of these people were satisfied with the sight.